Foresight technology was founded in 2009 as a spin-off companies from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, R.O.C. Our vision is to become the global leading intelligent manufacturing service provider.
Our core technology includes internet of things (IoT), cyber physical systems (CPS), and the big data applications of Industry 4.0. We provide the standardized solutions and services in the six step applications of the manufacturing industry.

1. Tool & Info Automation, IOT
2. Data Collection and Storage
3. Data Visualization and Monitoring
4. Data Featuring
5. Data Analysis and Yield Improvement
6. Big Data Applications

Foresight technology

In the field of big data applications, automatic virtual metrology (AVM) that is transferred from NCKU can conjecture manufacturing quality from process tool based on sensed data without sampling inspection, which means it can convert off-line and lag sampling inspections into real-time and on-line total inspection to meet purpose of the yield management purpose of Industry 4.0. Since it can achieve 100% quality inspection and the abnormal detection of the production line, , not only all purposes of Industry 4.0 but the zero defect of Industry 4.1 can be realized.
Our applications could be applied to clients such as the semiconductor industry, the packaging and testing industry, the LED industry, the solar power industry, FPD industry, machine tool industry, PCB, HBT and ITO industry ...etc. Clients could gain the benefits include enhance of productivity, better tool health and control of tool, yield improvement and the productivity of employee.