AI Smart Manufacturing Solution

Overview of FS-TECH's Applications in AI Wisdom Manufacturing

Predictive Maintenance (VR/AR):FS-Tech can help customers use AI technology for tool's predictive maintenance which could greatly enhance employee's efficiency through AR (Augmented Reality) as well as VR (Virtual Reality).

Raw Material Combinaion Optimization:By AI algorithm and historical data that FS-TECH can export the best raw material combination for clients and improve product yield.

Quality Assurance (AVM):FS-TECH's Automatic Virtual Metrology(AVM) can predict the measurement items by data from tool in process to and achieve 100% real-time inspection.

Automatic Process Control/Process Optimization:Combined with FS-TECH's AVM model and control technology as well as feed-foward or applications from client's system, client could identify key sites which affect yield in the production line and operate process optimization. It ensures quality and achieves product zero defects, which realm of Zero Defect.

Defect Detection:FS-TECH uses CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) to classify and detect AOI precisely for clients.

Benefits:Reduce Staff, Increase Efficiency as well as Achieve Zero Defect

  • Industry Application

    • Semiconductor
    • TFT-LCD
    • Solar Energy
    • Machine Tool
    • All High Tech and Traditional Industry