Automatic Virtual Metrology System (AVM)

Brief Introduction

AVM use data of production machine to predict product quality when products are unmeasurable. Change random inspection with delayed feature into inspect all in real time.


Features and Functions

Collect tool data and control : Detect and control the abnormal data of tool in real time.
Alarm system: Users could receive abnormal alarms in e-mail real time by different setting. Furthermore, system provides real time OCAP and daily prodution overview.
Fault reason tracking : Find the abnormal reason quickly and reduce the crash time of machine.
Inspection method and limitation period : Inspect all in real time instead of using random inspection with delayed feature.
Coordinate with APC Control: Provide better accuracy.
Auto rebuild model function: System can rebuild models which in same conditions but based on recent data automatically. And this function can be customized according to different industry or process data type.

New Features and Functions in R2018a

Model Create Client Optimization: Optimize the process of building models which system could decide the optimal sample quantity to build the model automatically.
Imports data as Excel to Offline Analysis System: Even database isn't established, users could import data as Excel to system for data analysis.
Moving Spec: The spec of predict metrology data could vary with the recent metrology data.

Benefits : Better uniformity control and improve gross profit margin

Change random inspection with delayed feature into inspect all in real time
Lower cost of time, measuring tool and improve Cpk
Decrease random inspection rate and reach inspect 100%
Increase tool available time
More stable quality of product

  • Applications

    • Metal micromachining
    • Automotive Wheel Manufacturing
    • TFT LCD / CVD, LIT Process
    • Semiconductor / PVD, CVD, CMP, Etch Process
    • LED MOCVD Process