Key Parameter Analysis-and-Selection System (eProcessKey)

Brief Introduction

From the viewpoint of product yield and information of the yield, on-line quality (thickness, sheet resistance, etc.) and production process are integrated. The principles of multivariate analysis are utilized to analyze and acquire the sensitivity and relative importance that key parameters have on the product quality. Then apply these information to adjust and optimize the process condition and improve product yield and gross margin.


Features and Functions

Sample analysis of muti-parameter and small sample size is available
Analyze the average value and each measurement point of product quality at the same time, and suggest the best production formula
Data of excel and database formats are both acceptable
Analyze with mass production and experimental data
Provide “Expert Knowledge” function, in which the user can assign the important parameters to be included into the analysis process



Improve product's yield analysis
Reduce development time and cost
Increase Tool Available Time

  • Applications

    • Solar Industry
    • Laser Diode MOCVD