Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Brief Introduction

Apply Predictive Maintenance to determine if actual maintenance is needed. When the system detects a device failure or predicts that an abnormality will occur , the proactive notification will inform the maintenance person to handle or arrange the maintenance to reduce the downtime.

Predictive Maintenance System

Features and Functions

Find the important parameters that have interactions with the target device (example: throttle valve or dry pump), and then apply the real-time and accurate algorithm to define the reference point of TD health status, to achieve the goals of the error detection & classification and predictive maintenance.


To reduce downtime and down counts of the process tools, and improve available time and efficiency.
Change the traditional preventive maintenance to the predictive maintenance. It can save 60% ​​of the maintenance costs in the throttle valve case.
The reduce of machine crash times can save more than 10 millions dallars of process time and Yield loss each year in semiconductor and TFT-LCD plant.

Industry & Process Implement

Industry Parts
Semiconductor Lamp
Display Robot
Wafer Probe & Packaging Oxygen Analyzer
Turbo Pump
Solar Industry Butterfly Valve
Machine Tool Linear Bearings
Oiless Bearings
Tool Wear
Linear Guide, Sliding Block
  • Applications

    • Semiconductor
    • Display
    • Wafer Probe & Packaging
    • Solar Industry
    • Machine Tool